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This article describes Miradore location tracking feature that can be used by Business and Enterprise Plan customers to track devices and view device locations on a map. If you're interested in location tracking consider upgrading your site subscription. See more in How to upgrade subscription. Currently location tracking supports the Android and iOS platforms.

Once location tracking is enabled, the devices start to report their last known location to the Miradore server. The collected location data is also visible in the device inventory and API.

You can also track their devices using the large map. The map view gives you a glance at your device locations all over the world. The map shows you all of your devices and their latest location and enables company-wide location tracking.

See more about Android location tracking in Android location tracking as well as here (scroll down for "Android location tracking improvements")

See more about iOS location tracking in iOS location tracking


Location history data is saved for 3 months

Miradore stores historical device locations for three months. To see a device's location history, go to the device page, maximize the map and set date filters for showing the location history.






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Android location tracking

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