Wallpaper for iOS


This article describes Miradore's wallpaper configuration profile for iOS that can be used by Business and Enterprise Plan customers to deploy company images and change wallpapers of managed iOS devices. If you're interested, consider upgrading your site to Business or Enterprise Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription.


  • Active Business/Enterprise Plan subscription or Trial.
  • Available in iOS 8.0 and later. Requires that devices are Supervised. The most convenient way to get devices into Supervised mode is to enroll them through the Apple Device Enrollment Program.

Good to know

To best fit the wallpaper to your device screen, you need to know the exact dimensions of iOS displays. You can check the display resolution for different iPhone and iPad models from the Apple's documentation. Supported file formats are .jpg and .png. Maximum file size is 1MB.

How to change the wallpaper

The simplest way to change the wallpaper of an individual iOS device is to open the device page. Start by navigating to Mobile management > Devices and choose the desired device. Click open the icon or double click the row to open device page.


Start the Set wallpaper action from the page action menu or click device image to start the action wizard.

In the wizard you can see all the wallpaper images you have uploaded previously. Choose an existing image to deploy it to the device. Click Browse or drag & drop an image to upload a new wallpaper image into Miradore and deploy it to the device.


In the last screen of the wizard you will see a notification that the wallpaper was changed successfully.


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