2016-03-17 Release Notes - iOS application black/whitelisting


Application black/whitelisting for iOS

Preparing for the iOS 9.3 launch: Miradore was updated today with the support for application black/whitelisting for iOS devices that can be used by Enterprise Plan customers to deny users from installing and launching configured applications.

Application blacklisting means that the defined applications cannot be installed to a target device. If a blacklisted application is already installed, it is blocked and cannot be started. Blacklisted applications are removed from the home screen of the device.

Application whitelisting means that all applications, except the ones explicitly defined, are blocked and their icons are removed from the home screen of your iOS device. The end user can only install or use those applications that have explicitly been defined.

Moreover, Application black/whitelisting for iOS applies also to the installed system applications, except for the Settings application. Got interested? Check our documentation and start testing: Application black/whitelisting for iOS

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