2015-12-22 Release notes


Android device encryption

Device encryption configuration for Android allows you to enable encryption on your Android devices. Device encryption configuration requires that the end user approves the request, and it cannot be disabled without wiping the whole device. New Android client version 2.3.3 was released that is required to use this configuration.


Changes in Android device identification

In Android 6.0, Google has disabled the APIs that allow us to gather WiFi and bluetooth MAC addresses of Android devices. As we've used the WiFi MAC to identify WiFi only devices, this is a serious issue. In the new client version, different methods are used to identify devices.

It is highly recommended to update all your devices to use the new 2.3.3 client version. If you already have Android 6.0 WiFi only devices in your site, it is recommended that you unenroll and re-enroll these devices.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In addition, this service update contains multiple minor improvements and bug fixes.

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