How to invite users to Apple Volume Purchase Program


This article describes how to invite users to the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) in Miradore. After the users have been invited and registered to VPP, administrators can assign and deploy company-licensed applications licenses to their devices.


1. Navigate to My company > Users where you can see the current list of end-users for your Miradore site. Press Select columns, select VPP status and press Apply. Then you can see the current invitation status of the user.

The possible statuses are:

  • Not invited
  • Invited
  • Registered
  • Removed


2. Select the desired users and click Invite user to VPP from the page action menu. This opens an invitation wizard. Press Invite to invite the users to VPP.


3. In the last screen of the wizard, you'll see a notification which tells you whether the users were successfully invited. You may exit the wizard by clicking Close.


Invited users receive an email which contains a registration link. The VPP status of the user is updated to Invited in the My company > Users view.


After opening the link, users need to sign-in using their Apple ID, either using an iOS device or iTunes software, to register their accounts into the Apple Volume Purchase Program.


When a user goes through the registration process, the VPP status of the user is updated to Registered in the My company > Users view. Then administrators can then assign application licenses to their accounts.


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