How to configure Apple Volume Purchase Program


This article describes how to configure an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account in Miradore.

1. Navigate to System > Infrastructure diagram and choose the Apple Volume Purchase Program item. Then click the Configure button which opens a wizard for configuring your VPP account.



2. Sign-in to Apple Business Manager and navigate to Settings > Apps and Books and press Download token to download the authentication token. 


If you need to configure a new location go to Locations and press Add a new location. It is recommended to give the location a descriptive name that it can be easily linked to your Miradore site afterwards.

Go back to the configuration wizard and press Next.

3. Upload the downloaded authentication token file (.vpptoken) to Miradore by pressing the Upload token button. This finalizes your VPP configuration.


If your account is currently being managed by another Miradore site or MDM solution, you need to accept the configuration and give Miradore permission to manage your account.


4. In the last screen of the wizard, you'll see a notification which tells you whether the application was successfully added. You may exit the wizard by clicking Close.


Renewing the VPP token

Apple VPP token needs to be renewed every year. You may check the expiry date of the token from the Infrastructure diagram in Miradore.


Start renewing the token from System > Infrastructure diagram.

To renew the token with Apple Business Manager:

  1. In the first step of the wizard, press the button and sign-in to Apple Business Manager with the Apple ID with which the token was originally downloaded.
  2. In the Business Manager, navigate to Settings > Apps and Books.
  3. Choose the location that equates your Miradore site and download the token (.vpptoken) for server authentication by clicking Download.
  4. Go back to Miradore and upload the token with the wizard.

To renew the account-based token from the VPP:

  1. Login to Volume Purchase Program with the Apple ID that is originally configured for VPP in Miradore.
  2. In the service, navigate to Account Summary from the dropdown button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Download Token to get the token (.vpptoken) for server authentication.
  4. Upload the token to Miradore with the wizard.




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