About Apple Volume Purchase Program


This article describes Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) support in Miradore that can be used by Enterprise Plan customers to purchase licenses and install company-licensed apps to managed iOS devices. If you're interested in VPP and application management in general, consider upgrading your site to the Enterprise Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for further information.

Purchased application licenses can be managed from the Miradore user interface and assigned to registered users and devices by their serial number. After the licenses have been assigned, administrators can deploy apps to devices. If a license is assigned to a device, no Apple ID/iTunes login is required in order to install the app. This, together with Supervised mode, enables silent delivery of applications.


VPP application management main steps:

1. Register your organization into Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager (for educational institutions).

2. Configure VPP in Miradore. It's recommended to create one company-wide Apple account for managing licenses and use that during configuration or use the new Apple business manager, If the company has migrated to Apple business manager, then admins can share their purchased licenses to Apple business manager locations. See additional article about Apple VPP and Apple business manager.

3. Purchase licenses from the Apple Volume Purchase Program and update the license data to Miradore.

4. Deploy apps to devices. By default, licenses will automatically be assigned to the devices when deployed.

VPP application management optional steps:

1. Adjust your license management options. If you don't want to automatically assign licenses to the device when deploying apps, you can assign them automatically to users or do manual assignment. Before licenses can be assigned to users, administrators must invite them to register into VPP.

2. Deploy apps to devices with a valid license.


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