2015-10-27 Release notes


Location tracking improvements for Android

Improvements in location tracking for Android include the possibility to adjust minimum update interval and distance change for a location tracking configuration policy. These settings affect how often a device reports its location to Miradore.


Set the minimum update interval to 1 minute to allow near real-time location tracking. Or if you wish to conserve battery, update interval can be set up to 24 hours.

Minimum distance change setting allows you to set a distance threshold, or in other words, the distance that the device location needs to change after which the device reports an updated location. The change can be adjusted from 10 meters (~ 33 feet) to 1 kilometer (~ 0.62 miles).

In addition, you can now request an immediate update on a device's location. Sync now action on the device page triggers a GPS location update if location tracking has been enabled for the device.

Keep in mind that location tracking features may result in shorter battery life and increased data usage, particularly when setting a short update interval or distance threshold.


Messages to end-users

It is now possible to send messages to Android users from device page. A message will appear as a notification on the device and is shown after the user opens it.




The new features require Miradore Android client version 2.3.0, which was published today in the Google Play Store.

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