2015-09-28 Release notes


Kiosk mode for iOS

We are happy to introduce the Kiosk mode for also for iOS platform. Kiosk mode can be used to force iOS devices into a single application mode. Kiosk mode is enabled with a configuration profile on which you can define the application to be run on the device and specify which device hardware buttons are active. Please note that the target devices must be in Supervised mode.

Kiosk mode for iOS is available as part of Miradore Enterprise plan.


Kiosk mode for Android moved to Enterprise plan

Kiosk mode feature for Android (Samsung SAFE enabled) devices became a part of Enterprise plan. This change was done to unify pricing plan features across supported device platforms. It affects only the new Kiosk mode for Android implementations, customers who are already using Kiosk mode for Android on their sites can keep using the feature in Free plan.

More information about Miradore pricing plans.


Converting installed iOS apps from unmanaged to managed

In the recently released iOS 9, Apple introduced some new possibilities for iOS device management. We started implementing these improvements into Miradore with the possibility to convert installed iOS applications from unmanaged to managed. As the word states, these applications can then be managed, and for example, can be uninstalled remotely if that is needed.

To convert an installed application into managed you just need to deploy the same application over the existing, manually installed one. If the target device is in Supervised mode, this operation is fully silent without any user interaction. If device is not in Supervised mode, end user will see a notification with a selection to let the application to be managed or not.

As mentioned, this new option is supported only on iOS 9 devices.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In this release we also implemented some minor improvements and bug fixes.


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