2015-07-09 Update for Miradore Online Client for Android - silent application install for Samsung


Install Applications silently to Samsung Android devices

Android client for Miradore, version 2.2.8, introduces the ability to install applications without user confirmation.

APK Download type of applications can now be deployed silently, without user confirmation, to Samsung Android devices if the Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) / KNOX is enabled on the device.

SAFE status for a device can be seen on the Inventory tab of the device page

To be sure that you can take advantage of this new feature, make sure that the end users have approved the SAFE / KNOX terms when they enrolled their devices, and the clients have been upgraded to the latest version (2.2.8) - available in Google Play and downloadable from Miradore Infrastructure diagram.

SAFE status for all the devices can be investigated with the report parameter Security.Android.SAFEStatus in Reports.

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