How to add an Android APK download application


This article describes how to add an Android APK download application into Miradore. If you're interested in Android application management, consider upgrading your site to the Enterprise Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for further information.

1. Navigate to Mobile management > Applications where you can see the list of current applications.


2. Click Add application from the page Actions menu. After that, a wizard should open on top of the window.

Select the device platform and click Next. The platform selection determines which device platform the application is intended to be used for. Choose Android.


3. The next selection defines the application type. Choose APK download application and click Next.


4. Fill in application details and click Create.

Media location. Select whether the application is downloaded from an external URL or uploaded to Miradore.

Application package URL (if Media location is “External URL”). Link to the application package where the application is downloaded to the device when deployed.

Uploaded file (if Media location is “File upload”) Select the .apk file to be uploaded. The maximum file size is 200MB.

Name of the application. The name is visible to device end-users when they accept the installation.

Package name. An unique identifier for the application. For example: com.miradore.client.v2. The package name will be read automatically from the application file if the selected Media location is “File upload”.

Notification to user. A message that requests the device user to install the application. This is visible to device end-users when they accept the installation. For Samsung devices with the SAFE/KNOX feature available and enabled, the application will be installed silently without any confirmation from the user.

Description of the application.



5. In the last screen of the wizard, you'll see a notification which tells you whether the application was successfully added. You may exit the wizard by clicking Close.


In case you need to modify the application settings, just navigate to the Mobile management > Applications page and double-click on the application. This opens the application page.


After you have successfully added the application, you can start deploying it to your Android devices. See more in How to install applications to Android devices for further information.

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