2015-06-16 Release notes


iOS application management

Application management is now available also for iOS devices. Enterprise plan users can now remotely install iOS applications. Application deployment supports both Apple App Store applications and your own in-house applications. After this service update you can also remotely remove applications deployed with Miradore from your iOS devices.

For more information and detailed instructions, see:

How to install applications to iOS devices

How to uninstall deployed applications


Windows Phone application black/white listing

This service update introduces a totally new feature under the application management functionalities in Enterprise plan. With application black/white listing you can control which applications can be installed and started on your managed devices. At this first phase application black/white listing is supported on Window Phone devices (version 8.1 or later), Android and iOS platforms will follow suit. 


Android APK package deployment

Android application deployment was supplemented with a possibility to install Android applications also as APK packages. This option is needed if your application has not been published to Google Play store, or if your Android devices have limited access to the store. APK application packages can be downloaded and installed from a web server on your local intranet or for example from a shared folder in a cloud storage service.

For more information please see: How to install applications to Android devices


Application removal for Android

In this service update we added also the possibility to remotely uninstall Android applications installed with Miradore from your managed devices. For more information and detailed instructions, see: How to uninstall deployed applications


Minor improvements and bug fixes

Service update contained also a number of other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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