2015-04-17 Unplanned service break in Miradore API



On Friday 17.04.2015 we discovered an error in the Miradore API which is a REST based web service, intended for integrating Miradore with external systems. Due to the error, the service may have returned invalid data. We decided to close access to the web service for further investigation.

On Tuesday 21.04.2015 we were able to pinpoint the problem cause and deliver a fix to Miradore live environment.

Affected service(s)

Miradore API, connectors for Active Directory and Miradore On-premise.


Miradore API was closed on Friday 17th of April 2015 16:26 EET


Miradore API was back online on Tuesday 21st of April 14:30 EET


Updated: 21.04.2015

Published: 17:04.2015


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