About Business Policies


Business policy enforcement is a Miradore feature that allows administrators to define business policies for devices. This means that chosen applications and configuration profiles, for example, passcode requirements and Wi-Fi configurations, can be automatically installed/enforced to a group of devices. This makes it an effective tool to ensure that enrolled devices are compliant with company policies and security regulations. In addition, it eases administrative work since required configuration profiles and applications are deployed automatically to enrolled devices.

Administrators can create multiple business policies and use device tagging to designate groups of devices to which the policies apply. For example, you can create separate business policies for the company's head and branch offices, and monitor office-specific policy compliance.

Business policy enforcement is a feature available for Miradore Enterprise Plan customers. If you're interested in business policy enforcement, consider upgrading your subscription. See more in How to upgrade Subscription for further information.

To get started with business policies see How to create a business policy.

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