How to downgrade subscription


What happens when you downgrade?

When you downgrade, you will lose access to the paid features on the next billing date. This means your site stays upgraded for the duration that you have already paid for. However, be aware that configuration profiles and applications deployed will not be removed from the device even when reverted back to the Free plan. They will not be available for configuration along with the other paid plan features until you choose to upgrade again.


How to Downgrade:

The following instructions describe how to downgrade or end your Miradore subscription. These steps cover credit card payments. Please contact us if you have paid by invoice. See About payment methods for more information.



1. Navigate to System > Subscription where you can see the current details of your subscription.

2. Click the blue Change subscription button on top of the page. This navigates you to a page where you can manage your site subscription.




3. Select the desired subscription plan, click Downgrade and follow the instructions.  Choosing the Free plan will end your subscription.




4. Click Confirm to apply the downgrade.


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