Why upgrade to the Business Plan?


This article briefly describes the features that the Miradore Business plan adds on top of the features that are included in the Miradore Free plan. All these features are included in the Miradore Enterprise plan as well.

See also the attached PDF document for a full list of features by subscription plans. This document is best viewed using a PDF reader program such as Adobe Reader.


Location tracking for Android and iOS

Location tracking allows you to see the whereabouts of your Android and Apple iOS devices. The location is presented in coordinates as well as a street address, and shown on the map.

For more information, please see About location tracking.


Restriction configuration profiles

Restriction configuration profiles can be used to restrict the use of certain applications, content, services and device features in managed devices. Often the restrictions are used to deny the use of the camera or block access to the platform specific application store, but there is also plenty of other restriction possibilities for each device platform. 

For more information, please see About restrictions.


Roaming configuration

Use the roaming configuration profile (iOS) or the roaming restrictions (Android / Windows Phone) to define whether device(s) are allowed to use data connections when roaming outside of the regular carrier’s network and other local carrier network(s) are available.


Get alerts and notifications by email

Miradore can be configured to inform you about different device states, security issues and actions taken by administrators and users. Below, you can find a list of some of the available notifications.

  • Device is removed from MDM by the user
  • Device is offline
  • Device has been enrolled
  • Device is roaming
  • SIM card has been changed
  • Device is locked or wiped by an administrator
  • Android device is rooted
  • Android device administration is disabled by the user

With the Business Plan, you can select to receive emails of the notifications.

For more information, please see About notifications and alerts.


Share the work between administrators

The Business Plan enables you to add an unlimited number of administrators to a Miradore Site. Have as many administrators as you want to successfully manage your mobiles.

For more information, please see About permissions.


Create custom reports with report builder

As your use of mobile device management expands over time, the built-in reports may not provide you all the information required for specific purposes. Therefore, you may want to use the report builder to create your own reports in Miradore.

The report builder allows you to customize table columns and their order, and define search queries for a report. In other words, you will be able to define what will be shown in the report and how it is displayed. Currently, the report builder only supports devices and the related details.

For more information, please see Creating reports with report builder.


Export data

All data from Miradore reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for building your own reports and analysis. You can also integrate Miradore to any other system using the REST service interface.


Priority support

The Miradore Customer Services Team responds within the next business day for any issues concerning Business plan customers.

Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.