2015-01-20 Release notes


Improvements in Business Plan

New device notifications

The list of device notifications was supplemented with new notification options. Now you can configure Miradore to notify you also about things such as:

  • device enrollment and unenrollment
  • completed device security actions (lock, wipe)
  • user has removed Miradore Client or management profile from the device
  • device is offline
  • device is roaming

Export data from Miradore reports to Microsoft Excel

Now it is possible to export data from reports into Excel for your own reporting and analysis.


See more about the benefits of Miradore Business plan.


Minor improvements

Devices which have been unenrolled or wiped will now be reported in status "Unmanaged". Devices in this status will be shown both in views and on dashboard and the status can be utilized in your own reports.

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