How to upgrade subscription


This article describes how to upgrade your Miradore subscription. See the Plans and pricing page on our website for more information about the differences in the subscription plans.

Most of Miradore features are free but there are some features that require a paid subscription. The features that are not available in the current plan are usually marked in gray in the user interface.

The following instructions cover credit card payments. We also offer an invoice option. See About payment methods for more information.


How to upgrade from Free plan

1. To manage your site subscription, navigate to the "System > Subscription" or click the green "Upgrade Subscription" button from the top-right corner of the Miradore user interface.




2. Choose the desired subscription plan and click Upgrade to start the upgrade wizard.

3. Fill in your company details and click Next. If you have a purchase order number that should be shown in the invoice, you can fill it in here.

The VAT (Value Added Tax) number is required for countries of the European Union but VAT is only collected from Finnish companies.

If the company resides outside the European Union, the VAT number is optional. If entered, it will be included in the invoice.



4. Enter the details for the billing contact and click Next. Monthly invoices will be sent to the configured address. Use the international format in the phone number field.



5. Finally, enter the credit card details. On this page, you will see the amount of the first invoice. It will be charged immediately. The subscription is renewed automatically and the fee will be charged on the same day each month, according to the then current device count. Note that the minimum monthly fee is $10 USD.

See About payment methods for more information.

You can change the payment details later, see the instructions for further information.

Click Upgrade to upgrade your subscription. 




6. After successfully upgrading, you will receive a confirmation as shown below.



You will also receive the confirmation by email.



In addition, a PDF document of the invoice will be sent to the defined billing contact email address.

After a successful upgrade, you can see all your subscription details on the Subscription page. You can also See more details.


How to upgrade from Business plan to Enterprise plan

1. Navigate to System > Subscription where you can see the current details of your subscription, and click Change subscription button on top of the page. This navigates you to a page where you can manage your site subscription. 



2. Select the Enterprise Plan, click Upgrade and follow the wizard instructions.




3. Press Confirm to apply the upgrade. Note that the Enterprise Plan features are available immediately and the calculated cost is charged from your credit card. The invoice is sent to the previously configured billing contact. Your monthly invoice date is updated to the date of the upgrade.




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