How to change your payment related information


You can update your payment related information at any time. This includes your credit card details, company information and billing contact information. All of your payment information can be seen from the Subscription view.


How to change credit card information

Credit card information can be changed or updated from the Subscription view. From the Payment method, click Edit




Click the red cross in order to remove the existing credit card details, and confirm the removal.



After that, you'll be asked to enter the details of the new credit card.



After the successful entry of credit card information, updated card information will be used for future payments.

Note: Miradore will not store any credit card information. Credit card information will be stored in encrypted form by Braintree, a company owned by PayPal, and they will never be given to any third party.


How to change company and billing contact information

Company and billing contact information can be updated by clicking the Update company/contact information button on the Subscription page.



In the first step of the wizard, you can update the company information.



In the second step, you can update the billing contact information. Confirm the changes by clicking Change. After the successful entry of company/billing contact information, updated information will be used for future payments.


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