Importing users from Microsoft Active Directory


Miradore provides a connector for Microsoft Active Directory. The AD connector can be used for importing users from Active Directory to Miradore. This article describes how the connector is taken in to use.


The connector requires a computer with

  • Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 or newer
  • .NET4.6 framework
  • Connection to the domain
  • Ensure that TLS 1.2 has been set as default security protocol. For older Windows version you can see the instructions.



  • The network traffic between Miradore and the connector is secured by SSL.
  • By default, the connector is run by the logged in Windows account. You may also configure it to be run by other account.
  • The logged in Windows account is also used for authentication to the Microsoft Active Directory.
  • The connector authenticates with Miradore with an authentication key which is generated automatically for each downloaded connector. These authentication keys can be deleted from the management console (System > Infrastructure Diagram > Miradore Connector for Microsoft Active Directory), similarly to API keys.

How to get the connector:

Login to Miradore. You can download the connector (EXE and configuration file) from the Company > Users by selecting under the dropdown button Import the action Import users from Microsoft Active Directory. Follow the instrcutions of the wizard.

How to limit the user import to certain LDAP paths:

The LDAP path is defined in the connector wizard. This setting is saved to the configuration file. You may modify the settings directly to the configuration file. In case you want to import users from multiple LDAP paths, then separate those by using the semicolon (";") character.

How to run the connector:

On the Windows computer, copy the files (both files) to the desired folder and double click the executable (EXE). You can check the result from the Miradore Company >Users. It may take a few minutes before the users appear in the Miradore management console.

If option "Import Mail for Exchange account" is selecter, an account named "Imported from Active Directory" will also be created for each users. The email address configured in the Active Directory will be used as the User name and Email address parameters for the MfE account. This account can be used in the Mail for Exchange configuration profiles by selecting it during the profile creation or later on the profile page.

How to schedule the updates?

You can use standard Windows features to schedule the run of the connector. For instructions, see Scheduling user import from Microsoft Active Directory to Miradore.


The main way to troubleshoot the functionality of the connector is to investigate the output written by the connector in the Windows Command Prompt.

You can forward the output to a file by using a standard Windows Command Prompt option when running the connector mdadconnector.exe > log.txt.

Note! Users without an email address cannot be imported to Miradore as the email address is a mandatory attribute.

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