Removing deployed configuration profiles


This article describes how to remove configuration profiles from devices in Miradore. The precondition for removing configuration profiles is that they have been successfully deployed to some device.

The successfully deployed configuration profiles are visible on the Device page.


Beside each deployed configuration profile, you can find a trashcan icon. Clicking the trashcan icon starts the Remove configuration profile wizard for the selected configuration profile.


The remove configuration profile wizard verifies that you wish to remove a configuration profile from the device. Click Remove.


Close the wizard. The removal of the configuration profile is now in progress. This is indicated by an icon beside the removed configuration profile.


After the configuration profile has been successfully removed, it disappears from the list. You may need to refresh the page to verify this.


The Remove configuration profile wizard can also be launched using the Deploy > Remove configuration profile button on top of the page. The wizard is otherwise the same as when using the trashcan icon, but it first asks which configuration profile will be removed. Just select the profile or profiles you wish to remove and click Next.




  1. If deployment of a configuration profile fails, it will not be visible in the list of deployed configuration profiles.
  2. Some configuration profiles, such as device encryption, cannot be removed. The trashcan icon is shown in a grey color beside configuration profiles that cannot be removed. The device encryption is permanent and can only be removed by wiping the device or performing a factory reset.


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