Synchronize device now


Inventory information of managed devices is updated once every day. If you need to refresh a device inventory, you can do so using the Synchronize now feature.

Synchronize now allows to remotely request a device to connect to Miradore immediately to update its inventory information, and to deploy queued security actions and configuration profiles.

Sync now can be activated from the Device page and Devices view.

Steps for synchronizing device

1. Open Devices under the Management menu. Click on the device or list of devices you wish to synchronize and select Sync now under the Actions button.


 Note: You can initiate Sync now for a single device via Device page also.



2. From the opened Sync now wizard, you can check the number of target devices.



3. After the synchronization request has been sent to the device, the device connects to Miradore. You can see updated last reported time and online status from the device page and devices view. Updated inventory information is shown shortly on the device page.


Note! The Windows Phone 8.0 platform does not support push notifications. Therefore, Windows Phone 8.0 devices will not connect to the server immediately.

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