About Miradore API


Miradore API (Application Programming Interface) is a REST based web service which is intended for integrating Miradore with external information systems. It is used over HTTPS with the GET method to export data directly from the database of Miradore in XML or JSON format.

Note: The API is not available in the Free plan. See Plans and pricing for more information.

Getting started

Read step-by-step instructions how to start using the API from Getting started with API.

Authentication keys

All API requests are authenticated with an authentication key, and the authentication keys are managed in the management console of each Miradore site. The tasks related to the management of the API authentication keys are explained in Adding API keys and Deleting API keys.

Guides for APIs

APIs are aimed for different use cases. Use the API you find more suitable for your needs.

Learn more about API v2 CRUD operations.
Learn more about API v1 advanced queries.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support if you have any questions or development suggestions.

Please send comments to contact@miradore.com.