Creating custom reports


Miradore features built-in reports and dashboards for the most common use cases that organizations have when managing their devices.

Sometimes, however, you might have reporting needs that are unique to your organization. With the Report Builder, you can build your own reports that focus on the information that you are interested in. You can choose the data columns from a huge set of data that Miradore extracts from the managed environment.

Before you start

The report builder is available in the Business and Enterprise plans of Miradore. If you're a free plan user and interested in using the report builder, consider upgrading your site subscription. For instructions, please check How to upgrade subscription.

Notice also that the reports created with the Report builder are always personal. This means that other users cannot access the reports created by you.


Steps for creating a report

1. To access the report builder, navigate to Home > Reports on the navigation menu and click the green Add button to start the creation of a custom report.


2. The Create new report wizard opens. In the first step, you can define the data columns that will be shown in your report. The Available box shows all data attributes that can be included in the report, whereas the Selected box shows the attributes currently selected in the report. Use the right and left arrows to add or remove the data attributes. You can also reorder the columns using drag and drop.


3. On the next step, you can define what devices should be included in the report. If you don't add any filters, all devices will be shown on the report.


4. As a last thing, you are asked to give a name and description for the report. These will show on the Reports page.


You can see all your custom reports on the Reports view. If you need to edit one, just hover your cursor over the report name and click the Edit button to open up the wizard again.


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