Dashboard and reports


There are several reports for viewing the devices and related data stored in Miradore. The reports include the dashboard, device-specific inventories, and the report builder which you can use to build your own reports.


The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the managed devices in your Miradore site. It shows a summary of the most essential data, such as device locations, warranty, and firmware versions. Read more about dashboard and how to modify the dashboards from here.


Device inventory

Device inventory is a report that shows all the gathered inventory information of a single device in one view. To learn more, see About device inventory.



Report builder

As you dwell deeper into mobile device management, the built-in reports may not provide you all the information required for specific purposes. Therefore, you may want to use the report builder to create your own reports in Miradore.

The report builder is available in the Business and Enterprise plans of Miradore, but it is not included in the Free plan. If you're a free plan user and interested in using the report builder, consider upgrading your site subscription. For instructions, please check How to upgrade subscription.

The report builder allows you to customize table columns and their order, and define search queries for a report. In other words, you will be able to define what will be shown in the report and how it is displayed. Currently, the report builder supports only devices and the related details.

You can access the report builder from Reports under the Home menu.



Any reports created by you will be listed on the Reports page. The reports are personal and they are not shared between users. You can open a report simply by clicking its title. If your Miradore site has been upgraded to the Business plan, you can also export a report to Excel format by opening it and selecting Export to Excel under the Edit dropdown button.

More information about reports in report builder can be found from the article Creating reports.

Miradore API

If you are interested in integrating Miradore to an external system, please see the documentation found here.

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