2014-05-08 Release notes


Main improvements

Event error reporting

In case of failure, configuration profile deployment and security events now display a tooltip explaining the error description.

Android device enrollment over a USB data cable connection or memory card

Some customers have been asking a method for admins to enroll Android devices without utilizing the enrollment messages via email or SMS. New Miradore version supports deploying the Android client and the required settings using an USB connection between administrator’s computer and the Android device. Please contact support.online@miradore.com for more information.

Detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes


ID Description
372 Configuration profile deployment and security events were modified to display error description tooltips for failed events in the Events view and Device page.
375 Device page events table was modified to display all events related to that particular device.
376 View columns for users' last name, first name and middle initial were combined into one column.
384 Tooltips were added for user account fields.
393 Term 'SAFE' used in configuration profiles was replaced by 'Samsung' to point out the manufacturer specific options better.
411 Map location search was changed as MapQuest Nominatim Search as the previously used provider terminated their service.

Bug fixes

ID Description
309 Opening an already used iOS enrollment link caused a null pointer exception on the client connector.
322 Saving iOS Wi-Fi configuration profiles did not always work.
323 Inline edit dropdown icon was displayed incorrectly.
385 Phone number of newly registered users was set as 'NULL'.
405 Wi-Fi configuration profile for iOS required a username and a password to be defined if proxy setting was set as 'Manual'.
408 Enrollment wizard was not displayed correctly with Internet Explorer.

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