Self-service enrollment


The self-service enrollment makes it possible for users to add their devices to Miradore by themselves without administrator interaction.

Prerequisites for self-service enrollment

  1. Users must be added to Miradore. See how to add users. Users need to have valid email addresses and access to the mailbox from the enrolled device.
  2. A company PIN must be generated and communicated to the users. The company PIN is used to assign the device to the correct Miradore site.

Self-service enrollment steps (performed on the device by user)

1. Open your browser and navigate to

2. Get your enrollment credentials by entering your email address and the company PIN, and tap Continue.


3. A notification will appear informing that you will shortly receive an email containing the enrollment credentials (one-time user name and password).


4. Open the received email. It contains the enrollment credentials. Click Enroll now.


5. The next steps depend on the device platform. In this example, we enroll an Android device. Tap Yes, enroll now to open Google Play in order to install the Miradore Online Client.


6. From Google Play, tap INSTALL.


7. Tap ACCEPT to accept the permissions required by the client.


8. After the client has installed, open it from the notifications area or through your apps drawer.


9. Enter your enrollment credentials that you received in step 4 and tap Enroll device.


10. Activate device administration rights for the Miradore Online Client by tapping Activate.


11. The Miradore Online Client starts synchronizing with the Miradore. Please wait until it's completed.


12. For Samsung devices only: If a Samsung Enterprise Privacy Policy appears, agree to the terms and tap Confirm.


13. After successful enrollment, the Miradore Android client now shows the status Connected.


Self-service site settings

The self-service site settings can be modified by navigating to System > Infrastructure diagram and by clicking the Enrollment site icon.

Company PIN: You can see your site's Company PIN from here and communicate it to the users. You can also generate a new Company PIN.

Enrollment message with enrollment credentials: You can modify the message received by the users when they request the enrollment credentials.

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