About device enrollment


This article is an introduction to the device enrollment. At the end of it, you may access to the articles considering the device management and enrollment by each platform supported by Miradore.

In order to start managing your mobile devices and computers with Miradore, the devices need to be connected to the service with a process that is known as enrollment. Basically, the device enrollment process means installing a client or an MDM profile on the device in order to manage it remotely. 


Good to know

The management of Apple devices requires the use of the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To access the service, an installation of a company-specific certificate is required. Please see more instructions about how to create the Apple Push Certificate.

It is recommended for iOS users to use the built-in Safari browser when enrolling their devices.

The use of Android Enterprise features requires Miradore Enterprise Plan or an active trial.


About device enrollment methods

Miradore supports multiple different device enrollment methods. The enrollment method that is applicable or most suitable for your needs depends on your devices' platform, operating system version, your current Miradore plan, the level of management that is needed, and also on the ownership of the devices (company-owned vs. employee-owned).

From the following links you may access to the landing pages of different platforms and learn more about the management and enrollment of these devices:





See also our short playlist in YouTube, which covers the most common device enrollment methods for different device platforms.


What happens after successful enrollment?

  1. Inventory information is collected from the device and is sent to Miradore.
  2. The Device item page is generated based on the inventory. The page can be accessed from Management > Devices list page.
  3. The enrollment status is set to Completed in the Enrollment > Enrollment log page.





Additional information:

Creating enrollment credentials


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