Remotely locking a device


Remote lock is a security feature designed to prevent the misuse of a device if it gets lost or stolen. Mobile devices can be unlocked easily if a passcode is not required on the devices. Therefore, it is recommended to enforce a passcode policy for mobile devices when you start managing them with Miradore. In the passcode policy, you can define complexity requirements for the passcode.

Remote lock feature is supported on:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows Phones version 8.1. or newer

Steps for remotely locking a device

1. Open Devices under the Management menu. A list of devices opens. Select the device you wish to lock and choose Lock device action under Security dropdown button. You can also access to a single device page and lock the device from there.


2. From the opened Lock device wizard, verify that the device and its user match the device that you wish to lock and click Lock.


3. After the device lock has been sent to the device, you can follow the progress from Management > Action log or from the Action log tab of the device page. There you can see the status of the performed security actions.

Unlocking a device 

After the device has been locked, the user needs to enter the device passcode to continue the use of the device. The exception to this are macOS devices, which can be unlocked only using the Lock device PIN code.

The latest value of the PIN code can be found from the Security table on device page's Main tab. PIN codes for previous actions can be found from the Action log tab of the device page when hovering over the action status.



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