Changing my settings


From My settings, you can modify your personal information, such as name and contact information, change your time zone and locale settings, enable device notifications, change your password, and review your usage statistics.

To check your Miradore settings 

1. Click your account menu (user icon ) on upper right corner of the screen and select My settings.


2. My settings page includes the following settings:

  • Personal information which includes First name, Last name and Phone number;
  • Statistics which includes Last login, Login count, Account modified, and Account created;
  • Personal settings which includes Locale and Time zone. These selections define the date and time representation and number format in the Miradore user interface. All times will be shown according to the time zone selection.
  • Notification settings which allows you to get notified about issues on your devices. See more About notifications and alerts.

Please note that your personal settings are shared with all sites that you have created in Miradore.


3. To change your settings, click the Edit button located at the bottom of the page.


4. When you are ready with changing the settings on the Edit page, click Save.

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