Remotely wiping a device


Remote wipe is a useful security feature of mobile device management. It allows to remotely wipe a device, i.e. to totally erase the device's memory, in case the device gets lost or stolen. Remote wipe can also be used to remove any personal information from a device when the owner of the device changes.

After successfully wiping a device, it must be re-enrolled to continue managing the device in Miradore.

Note! When you perform a remote wipe to a device, all of the device's data gets erased and the device will reset to factory settings!

This feature is supported on Android and iOS mobile devices and on macOS and Windows 10 computers.

Steps for remotely wiping a device

1. Open Devices under the Management menu. A list of devices opens. Click on the device you wish to wipe and click the Security button and select the red Wipe device option from the drop-down menu.



2. From the opened Wipe device wizard, verify that the device and its user match the device that you wish to wipe and click Wipe.



3. After the device wipe has been sent to the device, you can follow the progress by opening the Action log under the Management menu. There you can see the status of the performed security actions.



4. After the device has wiped its memory, it needs to be re-enrolled to be again managed in Miradore.

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