About configuration profiles


Configuration profiles are intended for managing the settings or configurations of different device features in a remote and centralized way. Each configuration profile defines a range of settings concerning a specific feature. Each device can have multiple configuration profiles assigned to it.

For example, you can create a configuration profile which sets the device's Wi-Fi, data roaming or email settings or prevents the user from using the platform-specific application store or certain unwanted applications on the device. 

The benefit of configuration profiles is that you don't always have to configure the settings for each device again, but instead you can store the settings, and then deploy them to other devices as well - even automatically with business policies. You only need to select what settings you wish to deploy, and what are the devices where the settings should be applied to. Therefore, the configuration profiles provide an easy way to enforce company policies, and to standardize the settings considering different device features in all managed devices.


What can be configured with the configuration profiles

The features which can be configured using the configuration profiles vary to some extent between the different device platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 10, Windows Phone). There can also be some minor differences in how the settings of some device feature are configured on different platforms. Here's a short list of features that can be configured remotely using Miradore's configuration profiles.


Configuration profile           Android        iOS
macOS Windows 10 Windows Phone
Activation lock - Yes** - - -
Application blacklist Yes* Yes** - - Yes
Application whitelist Yes* Yes** - - Yes
Contacts Yes - - - -
Email Yes* Yes - - Yes
Device encryption Yes - - - Yes
Kiosk mode Yes Yes** - - -
Location tracking Yes Yes - - -
Mail for Exchange Yes* Yes - Yes Yes
Passcode Yes Yes - - Yes
Restrictions Yes Yes Yes - Yes
Roaming configuration Yes Yes - - Yes
Secure email - Yes - - -
Storage card - - - - Yes
Wallpaper - Yes** - - -
Web content filter - Yes** - - -
Web shortcut Yes Yes - - -
Wi-Fi Yes Yes - Yes Yes
Windows Update - - - Yes -
VPN - Yes Yes - -

* Supported on Samsung's Android devices with Android 4.2 or later and Samsung KNOX.

** Supported on Supervised Apple iOS devices.

Details of the configurable device features per each device platform are explained below.


Configuration profiles for iOS

Activation lock

This controls whether the activation lock is enabled when users turn on Find My iPhone. Activation lock restricts anyone else using the lost device.

For further details, see Activation lock documentation.


Application blacklist

The Application blacklist configuration profile can be used to deny the use of certain applications whereas other applications remain allowed. Here is some fruther information about application black/whitelisting for iOS.

Note: This profile requires that devices are Supervised. This is supported on iOS 9.3 and later. Application blacklisting also requires the Miradore Enterprise plan.


Application whitelist

The Application whitelist configuration profile can be used to allow the use of certain applications whereas the use of all other applications are blocked. Here is some fruther information about application black/whitelisting for iOS.

Note: This profile requires that devices are Supervised. This is supported on iOS 9.3 and later. Application whitelisting also requires the Miradore Enterprise plan.


Device encryption

iOS devices encrypt their memory automatically when a device passcode is activated. 

NoteThis is not an actual configuration profile.



Email configuration profile lets you define settings for POP or IMAP email accounts from many email providers, such as Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Outlook, Yahoo!, and many others.



Kiosk mode can be used to force an iOS device to run in single app mode. You can define the application to be run and specify which device hardware buttons are active. Kiosk mode cannot be removed by the end-user. You can read more from: Kiosk mode for iOS.

Note: The target device must be in Supervised mode.


Location tracking

The location tracking configuration profile can be used to enable location tracking in managed devices. This feature is only available to Business or Enterprise Plan customers.

When the location tracking profile is deployed to a device, the Miradore client is installed from the App Store and starts to collect and report location data to the Miradore server. The last known location can be seen by opening the device page.


Mail for Exchange

The Mail for Exchange configuration profile allows to define settings for Mail for Exchange accounts in managed devices. With the profile, it is possible to configure how often and what content should be synchronized between the device and the Mail for Exchange server.

Note! When you make a modification to the Mail for Exchange configuration profile (for example: Changing the syncing intervals of past emails from 1 week to 1 month), the mail account will be returned to the default settings because of Apple's policy. Therefore, the end-user is prompted to re-input their password for the account by hand. Even if the device states "Cannot Get Mail" - The connection to the server failed". -- press OK. It should work properly again after that message. 



The passcode configuration profile can be used to control the use of the device passcode protection, including passcode requirements. When a passcode profile is deployed to a device, the device user is forced to use a passcode as defined by the profile settings.<

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