Changing my password


It is important to keep your Miradore password safe to prevent any unauthorized access to your site. There are two approaches to changing passwords. For some users, it better suits to change their password regularly as a precautionary action whereas others believe in strong passwords that are changed more seldom. In any case, you should at least change your password immediately if you believe your password has been compromised.


Improve account security with two-factor authentication.


To change your password

1. Click your account menu (user icon ) on upper right corner of the screen and select My settings.



2. Click the blue Change password button from top of the page.



3. Fill out the password fields. You will notice that there are check marks beside the new password fields to indicate that both entries match and that the new password meets the minimum requirements. Then, click Change.


4. A confirmation will appear to let you know that the password has been successfully changed.



Forgot your password?

In case you have forgot your Miradore account password, please see Forgot my password


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