Kiosk mode for Android (Samsung)


Kiosk mode is a configuration where Android device is dedicated into a specific use. Miradore offers two different ways to configure Kiosk mode for your Android devices. We recommend you to use the Android Kiosk mode configuration, which instructions can be found from here.

This article describes steps to enable Android Kiosk mode only for Samsung devices. This Kiosk mode configuration profile can be used by Enterprise Plan customers as part of Samsung device's Application management features.

1. Deploy or install the app you want to lockdown to the Kiosk mode. You can deploy the app via Miradore or manually.

2. Go to the Google Play store with your device and search for kiosk launcher e.g. an app called "SureLock Kiosk Lockdown". You can also add this app to Miradore and deploy it as a normal app.

3. When e.g. "SureLock Kiosk Lockdown" has installed properly you have to click "Sync now" either on the device's end (open Miradore Client and tap Sync now) or in Miradore's UI (go to the Devices view > select device > click Sync now in the Action column). This action updates devices app inventory in Miradore so the launcher app will be available now.

4. Go to the Configuration profiles view in Miradore and create a new configuration profile. Select Android > Kiosk mode (Samsung) > in the first tab you can change "Kiosk mode state" as Enabled and you will then see "Kiosk mode application" dropdown list. "Kiosk mode application" means the launcher is NOT the app you would like to lock as a Kiosk app. So now you have to select "com.gears42.surelock" (which is SureLock Kiosk Lockdown app's package name). After that you can check the other tabs and make settings as you wish about e.g button functions. Save and create Kiosk mode configuration profile.

5. Deploy the recently created Kiosk mode profile to the device(s).

6. Now the new launcher "SureLock Kiosk Lockdown" should take a place on your device. Now you have to configure that launcher as you wish. There is e.g. Single app lockdown where you can select the app you want to lockdown.

Please note that you have to configure the launcher app manually for every device if you don't have own or specific launcher for your demand. 

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