2017-12-19 Release notes - (mostly) Android improvements


Android improvements

  • Client update action (available on Devices list and Device page) - requires current client 2.6.6 so it's there for the future updates

  • Support for optionally extracting deployed zip archives on device (requires client 2.6.6)
  • Support for external sources in file deployment, checksum support (requires client 2.6.6)
  • Show device IDs (IMEI, serial number, Android ID, Wi-Fi MAC) on client user interface (requires client 2.6.6)
  • Show Android client build number in inventory and reports (requires client 2.6.6 for inventory tab)
  • Support for provisioning work managed devices without Managed Google Play enterprise - moved work managed device provisioning from Managed Google Play to Android Devices

  • Improve client key renew

iOS improvements

  • Fail VPP app deployments immediately if there are no licenses and improve assignment detection

Other improvements

  • Show device IDs in map view tooltips

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