2017-11-02 Release notes - Windows 10 application deployment


Windows 10 desktop - added inventories and MSI deployment

Windows 10 devices now report more data, including 

  • Logical disks
  • Physical memory details
  • BIOS information
  • improved CPU information
  • improved Computer identification details

We have also made improvements to Windows 10 application deployment. You can now upload MSI packages to Miradore to be installed to Windows 10 devices.

Also, if you'd like to host the files yourselves, we have created MSITool to gather all required parameters from MSI. Just download MSITool from the Download MSITool download link. Run it with the MSI file, and copy + paste its serialized file information field when creating new Windows 10 application item.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

This release also brings new minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Windows 10 devices weren't autogenerated if manufacturer and model were empty (Intel NUC for example)
  • iOS Jailbreak detection
  • Improvement in location reverse geocoding
  • Bug fixes in filtering and sorting lists for users, configuration profiles and files
  • Contacts configuration profile for Android to deploy contacts to Android phones - requires Miradore Client 2.6.3, which is to be released soon.





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