Contacts for Android


This article describes Miradore's contacts configuration profile for Android that can be used to deploy company contacts to the managed Android devices.


  • Miradore Online Client 2.6.3

How to deploy contacts to a device

First you need to create a new configuration profile and define the contacts that are sent to the device. Start by navigating to Management > Configuration profiles and start the Create configuration profile action from the page action menu. See Creating a configuration profile for more details.

Contacts are defined by uploading a CSV file that contains the desired contact information.


Pay attention to the correct order of fields in your CSV contact file. Also use ',' (comma) character as your separator.

The correct contact format is:

Phone number,First name,Last name,Email address

For example:


Each contact should include a phone number and a name.


After you have created your contacts configuration profile you can deploy it to the devices. See Deploying a configuration profile for more details.

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