2017-04-20 Release notes


Network usage inventory for Android

Network usage inventory is collected from Android devices that have been enrolled as device owners or profile owners. The collected data is visible on the inventory tab of device page (monthly statistics).




The raw network usage data (daily statistics) can also be queried using Miradore Online API, for example, by adding &select=*,NetworkUsage.* to your queries.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In addition, this service update contained multiple minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved Mobile management > Events page performance and filters.
  • Added Sent by column to the device page events.
  • Added possibility to update all devices from Apple's DEP service. Previous update method only fetched changed/new devices from the DEP service, and this caused issues when the functionality was broken in DEP.
  • Available OS update inventory is now visible to iOS 10 and newer devices.
  • Business and Enterprise plan customers with priority support can now invite Miradore Online support account as reader to your site for troubleshooting when creating a new ticket.
  • Improved delete user performance.



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