Request client logs from a managed device


This article explains how you can request client logs from an Android or Windows device in your environment to be sent to Miradore Support Team for analysis.

You should use the request client logs action only if asked by Miradore Support Team. They may ask this if it is needed to investigate a technical issue that you're having.

Notice that you will not see the logs by yourself in the user interface of Miradore.



  • Android or Windows device
  • Miradore Client version 2.5.1 or newer

How to request client logs

You can request client logs from one device at one go.

To request client logs, open the device page. Start by navigating to Management > Devices and choose the desired device. Click the open icon or double click the row to open device page.

Click Actions > Request client logs action from the page toolbar and follow the instructions. Confirm the action by pressing the Request button. The client should then send the logs to Miradore Support Team.




The status of the action can be seen from the Management > Action log page or from the device events. 

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