2017-03-13 Release notes - Android Enterprise: work managed device


Android Enterprise: Work managed device

Android Enterprise management supports many enterprise use cases, but there are two general device deployment scenarios: personal devices (profile owner) and work managed devices (device owner). Firstly, we introduced the support for personal devices by deploying a separate work profile to the managed Android devices -- separating private applications from the work applications. This service update extended our Android Enterprise support by providing work managed device provisioning.

Work managed devices are a corporate-liable deployment scenario where the enterprise or company owns and fully controls employee work devices. These deployments use the device owner mode of operation, in which the entire device is managed by installing the Miradore Client during the initial setup of a new device or after a factory reset.

Miradore offers three different methods for installing and configuring our client during the device setup:

  • QR code
  • NFC
  • DPC token (afw#miradore)



After enrolling work managed devices, administrators can, for example, deploy applications silently and configure restrictions.

Sound interesting? For further details, see our documentation.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

In addition, this service update contains multiple minor improvements and bug fixes.

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