Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using NFC


Android 5 and later devices with an NFC chip can be enrolled in Miradore in fully managed device mode by reading the enrollment information over NFC. The NFC provisioning method is the most widely supported provisioning method in different Android versions.



  • Devices are running Android 5.0 or newer
  • NFC feature on the device
  • Only new or factory reset devices can be enrolled in device owner mode

If you are using the Enterprise version of Miradore and you are interested in using the application management features for Android, then it is recommended to configure the managed Google Play Enterprise for your Miradore site before enrolling the devices.


Good to know

Settings for device setups are encoded in the enrollment QR code that you will read with Miradore's NFC app.

Administrators can modify the settings for QR code and NFC enrollments on the Enrollment > Android Enterprise page in Miradore.


Fully managed devices are tagged with device owner tag during the enrollment in Miradore. Miradore also creates a managed account to each device during the enrollment if a user has been assigned to the device on Miradore AND managed Google Play Enterprise has been enabled for the Miradore site.



How to enroll using Near Field Communication (NFC)

In this method, administrator can download Miradore NFC provisioning application to his/her device, and use it to scan the configured mass-enrollment QR code. After successfully scanning the QR code, the enrollment information can be transmitted from the admin's device over NFC to the target device during the first screen of the Android setup wizard. 

In Android 5.x devices, encryption is always required and cannot be disabled, even if the QR code is configured to allow non-encrypted devices.

You can also program your own NFC tag for Android Enterprise enrollments. The following video shows how you can create an NFC card with your Wi-Fi settings, and how is it used to enroll devices to Miradore in device owner mode.

In the NFC enrollment method, fully managed devices are enrolled automatically to Miradore using mass-enrollment and might not have a user configured. Therefore, you need to assign a user for the device after the enrollment. You can do that through the device page on Miradore. You can also use device identifier CSV import before enrollment to upload a list of serial number and user relations that are checked and linked automatically during enrollment. i.e. if you know beforehand the a certain device is given to certain user at some point.

You may also need to initiate the creation of a managed Google Play account for mass-enrolled devices through Miradore after you have assigned users for the mass-enrolled devices. You can create managed accounts by selecting desired users from the Users page and then using the Managed Google Play > Create managed Google Play account button from the page toolbar.



How to prevent users from removing the management

Factory reset is the only way how users can remove management from fully managed Android devices.

Administrators can prevent device users from performing a factory reset on fully managed Android devices using a Miradore configuration profile.

See Preventing factory reset on fully managed Android devices


Other enrollment methods

Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using a QR code

Enroll an Android device in fully managed device mode using a token

Android zero-touch enrollment


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