How to install managed Google Play applications


This article shows how to install managed Google Play applications to Android devices


Once these requirements are met, administrators can silently install managed Google Play applications to the Android devices' work profiles.

Navigate to Management > Devices and select the devices where an application should be deployed. Then start the Deploy application action under the dropdown button Deploy. From the wizard, choose the application that should be installed and click on Next.

Note! You can use a tag "Profile owner" as a filter in order to find devices where the work profile has been successfully enabled.



Confirm installation by clicking on the Deploy button


This adds the application installation command to the deployment queue and wakes up the device. When the device connects, the status of the deployment is changed to in progress. The Miradore server then connects to Google's EMM API, sending the installation command. When Google's installation command reaches the device installation starts silently. In normal conditions, this takes a couple of seconds.



When the installation is ready, it will show up on the device, the briefcase badge signifying that it is a managed app inside the work profile.



The device then reports to Miradore that the application has been successfully deployed.



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