How to configure managed Google Play store layout


This article shows how to configure managed Google Play store layout for your Enterprise account. The layout applies to Android devices with the work profile enabled when users launch the managed Google Play store application.


A basic store layout is created by default for each managed Google Play Enterprise account. This means that the user can see all the approved applications that he/she can access on a single page. If there are more than 100 applications the layout will consist of all approved applications accessible by the user, split in pages of 100 each.

To configure a custom layout, navigate to to Management > Applications and click on Configure Play store layout from Managed Google Play dropdown. Then, click on the Create custom layout button.


The default layout simply shows all available apps .


Clicking on the Create custom layout button allows you to create your own company layout for the approved applications. You can add pages, application clusters and links between pages. Then drag and drop managed Google Play applications to the clusters and you're done.



 An example managed Google Play store layout



The device side view of the same layout.

Note that the user does not necessarily see all the applications you have added to the layout. The managed Google Play store only shows applications that have been allowed for the user.

You can always revert back to the basic store layout by starting Reset managed Google Play store action from Actions dropdown button.


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