How to unapprove managed Google Play applications


This article shows how to unapprove managed Google Play applications and permissions using Miradore.


When application has been unapproved it cannot be deployed to the devices. If deployed, the installation will fail with the error message "Can't grant an entitlement for the app because the app permissions haven't been accepted" until the required permissions are approved again.

Navigate to Management > Applications and open the application page of the desired work application. From Actions dropdown menu, start Unapprove application wizard and click Unapprove to confirm.



Then check permissions for the application to see that all the required permissions have been unapproved.



If you need to approve the application again start the Approve application wizard from Actions dropdown menu. This opens a dialog where you must confirm the permissions needed by the application. Also it's very common that the application publisher changes permissions required by the application. In this case, an administrator should re-approve the new or changed permissions before deployments.


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